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Why SEO is important for your website?


Why SEO is important for your website?

Seo stands for “search engine optimization”. It is one of the most important things 

in digital marketing, if you are maintaining a website or marketing your business you 

need to know about SEO by this it increases your website ranking.

What is SEO ?

Seo which increases quantity and quality of website with an organic result through these results 

your website will get high traffic. Seo mainly targets the unpaid traffic by natural results.SEO is

 mainly performed by “keyword”.

Importance of SEO 

Seo helps to appear your website on the top list in search engines it helps you rank 

your website in search results .seo is a most important thing to grow your website 

when your website receives a high ranking in search engine results then 

automatically your website traffic get the increase by this you more leads or your 

products will get more sales this whole thing happens when we use right 

keywords in SEO.

How does it improve traffic?

Seo improves traffic of website when your website get high ranking in search 

engine results this thing happens when you use the right and relevant keyword for 

your website to reach the audience to get keywords you need to do research by 

using some of the tools like google search console, google keyword planner,solve 

Etc…. .

How does it reach the targeted audience?

Firstly you need to know who is the targeted audience to your business or

 products based on gender, age or some other by making the right keyword based on 

your targeted audience and by making proper engagement between you and 

The audience it makes you to reach the targeted audience.


By this whole topic you come to know that seo is most important for digital

 marketing. By using right  seo strategy in you website you get more leads for 

your bussiness