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What is On-page SEO?


What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is used to improve your website ranking by optimizing pages included on your site by making content with relevant keywords and using HTML code and alt tags to improve website traffic.

Some of the factors in on-page SEO :


2.Meta title

3.Meta description






1.Url :

In Url include the focus keyword which is related to your website except for the home page.

2.Meta title:

In Meta title include the focus keyword meta title should be in 60-65 characters keep it unique mention the brand name at the end of the sentence.

3.Meta description:

In meta description also keep the focus keyword at the beginning of the sentence meta description should be 170 characters if possible include the relevant keywords make it as a summary and mention the brand name at the end of the sentence.


In the heading keep the focus keyword in H1 use the title case and in H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 keep the other relevant keywords if possible.


Content should have at least 300 words include the focus keywords and relevant keywords to your website distribute the keywords evenly across the content and make it unique to use synonyms and related words instead of repeating focus keywords too many times.


Links are two types internal links and external links

In internal links provide links to all relevant internal pages.

In external links provide links to all relevant external websites.


Include the keyword in the file name and keep the keywords in the ALT tag always use lower case for a file name.


Keep relevant videos on your website and provide a description with relevant keywords.

On-page SEO results :

By doing on-page optimization to your website it improves the quality of your website it gives a high ranking in search results and makes high reach and high traffic to your website it gives organic traffic.